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May 27, 2020 - Analysis of the morning headline news stories AND those ignored.


  • Cummings Saga - Government and Conservatives under media pressure to sack (6 headlines)
  • Local lockdowns proposed as option to handle local outbreaks (2 headlines)

The Cummings Saga continues, following from Dominic Cummings press conference on Monday (entire video here) and the resulting FRENZY. Having realised Cummings is not resigning the focus of their pressure has moved to the Prime minister, government ministers and Conservative MP’s.

BIG FOUR- 4/4 headlining with Cummings Saga

TV BASED NEWS- Mixed: Cummings Saga & “local lockdown”

FREE LONDON PAPERS- 2/2 Cummings Saga

TABLOIDS- Mixed: “local lockdown”


  • Economic fallout from the implementation and contuation of the lockdown.
  • Care home deaths scandal.

The media has made the collective decision to focus on the Cummings Saga as THE most important issue for the British public. A government advisor that left his home during the lockdown (with questionable reasons) is signularly more important than the coming economic fallout from implementing and continuation of the lockdown.

Interestingly coverage of the care home scandal has fallen as “more important” stories must take up the headlines.





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