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May 28, 2020 - Analysis of the morning headline news stories AND those ignored.


  • Lockdown easing - pubs & restarauts to open next month & easing of social distancing (5 headlines)
  • Track and trace - the governement is launching it’s much maligned track and trace mobile app to the general public (4 headlines)

The Cummings Saga is beginning to slip out of the headlines as it seems that the intense media pressure to have Cummings removed has failed. In anticipation of the Isle of Wight trial of the track and trace mobile app, announcements on the likely national release is gaining coverage. In the loosening of lockdown rules the opening of pubs and restaraunts is on the table, with ongoing discussions around removing the 2 meter social distancing rule.

BIG FOUR- Mixed: Track & Trace, easing lockdown

TV BASED NEWS- Mixed: Track & Trace, easing lockdown

FREE LONDON PAPERS- Mixed: Track & Trace, easing lockdown

TABLOIDS- Mixed: UK covid death rate, Emily Maitlis, lockdown easing, quarantine criticism


  • The BBC’s almost apology for Newsnight’s breach of impartiality.
  • Government removing lockdown restrictions without admitting they were wrong.

Emily Maitlis apparently “took the night off” from Wednesdays Newsnight after massive criticism and public complaint against her rant about cummings guilt on Tuesday nights introduction. After considerable criticism the BBC, just short of an apology stated “Newsnight did not meet the required standards of due impartiality”.

In some surprising news the government has informed the media of the intention to removing lockdown restrictions at a faster rate than was thought possible. The rhetoric of “careful, measured, easing” is staying in place however the proposed actions of the government only make sense if the chance of outbreaks is low.





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