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May 29, 2020 - Analysis of the morning headline news stories AND those ignored.
Image courtesy of 10 Downing Street


  • Minneapolis riots - protests and riots escalate after police killing (2 headlines)
  • Rising Covid deaths - Council areas in the UK with deaths still rising (2 headlines)
  • Lockdown easing - Public gatherings of up to 6 people and BBQ’s (3 headlines)
  • Cummings Saga - the trailing end of the most recent installment (3 headlines)

No overall direction in todays media focus, we are coming to the tail end of the most recent installment of the Cummings Media Saga.

As the frenzy from Monday’s press conference subsides it’s begun to be eclipsed by more current issues.

The prime ministers press releases on easing of lockdown restrictions for pubs & restaurants on Wednesday; and public gatherings yesterday have managed to split the focus of the media and ease media pressure on No.10 and the government.

Images coming out of the riots in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd are gaining traction. This news story has escalated with President Trump wading in and a state of emergency being declared. Expect this to have the most attention over the next few days of media coverage.

BIG FOUR- Mixed: 2/4 Easing lockdown, Minneapolis riots

TV BASED NEWS- Mixed: Minneapolis riots, Cummings Saga

FREE LONDON PAPERS- Mixed: Lockdown easing, rising Covid deaths

TABLOIDS- Mixed: rising Covid deaths, Cummings Saga


  • Nissan sacking factory in Barcelona for one in Sunderland, despite Brexit.
  • Censorship by Facebook, Youtube & Twitter of any Covid information that disagrees with their chosen sources.

Sunderland Nissan plant has turned out the winner in a world where the UK has already left the EU (in name, and by December, in action) over the EU based factory in Spain . Given how much we were told Brexit would ruin the country, it’s interesting to see things coming out in favour of the UK.

Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube have been heavily censoring any covid discussion on their platform to ensure that only information supporting “official advice” is allowed. Going to far as to ban anti-lockdown pages and groups. Genuine discussion on the disease by experts not in government favour has been suppressed, with only one side of the story being allowed to be told, the governments side.

For all the criticism by the media of the government’s censorship of SAGE scientists, they are decidedly quiet on the issue of BigTech acting as the governments propaganda arm.

This is only beginning to get light on the media stage because of Donald Trump attempting to remove special protections for Social Media platforms currently allowing them to continue this practice.





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