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Jun 01, 2020 - Analysis of the morning headline news stories AND those ignored.
Image by Lorie Shaull from St Paul, United States, ShareAlike licence


  • Riots have broken out all over the US after police killing (3 headlines)
  • Schools re-opening, lockdown easing across England (6 headlines)

BIG FOUR- 2/4 riots, 2/4 Schools re-opening

TV BASED NEWS- Mixed 1/3 : US race riots

FREE LONDON PAPERS- 2/2 Schools re-opening

TABLOIDS- Mixed 2/4: Schools re-opening


  • Black Lives Matter protest in UK, breaking lockdown rules - no enforcement.
  • Norway PM admits she panicked and closed all schools and nurseries after first “covid death” out of fear.

Interesting how police were busy intimidating normal members of the public and journalists,threatening to fine and arrest them for potentially breaking lockdown rules(i.e. filming them arresting someone) have nothing to say about the Black Lives Matter protests and mass gatherings that have broken out all over the UK. And the media, so caught up in Cummings breaking the rules driving around have nothing to say about mass gatherings and protests violating what little lockdown rules we have left.

Norway’s PM admitted that she locked schools and nurseries down out of fear and panic.. The BBC, Guardia, The Times have NO coverage of this event. With the Telegraph covering what appears to be some questioning in the Norwegian government about whether it was even needed. This lack of coverage by the UK’s two media giants is shameful.





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