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Jun 02, 2020 - Analysis of the morning headline news stories AND those ignored.


  • Trump needing tear-gas to escape White House for press conference (5 headlines)
  • US treatens crackdown with military (5 headlines)
  • UK arrivals quatantine and air bridge (3 headlines)

BIG FOUR- 2/4 Trump White House escape & army crackdown

TV BASED NEWS- 2/3 : Trump army crackdown

FREE LONDON PAPERS- Mixed 1/2: UK arrivals travel quartantine

TABLOIDS- Mixed 2/4: Trump army crackdown


  • 2.4 million in cancer screening and treatment backlog as a result of the NHS focus on Covid-19.
  • Naz Shah Twitter Hypocracy.

The dramatic headlines and images from the race riots gripping the US certainly make for interesting news to read, but in terms of importance to the country it seems the approaching quiet deaths of cancer victims (such as the authors own mother and father) are not worth peoples attention. With relatively little coverage on the BBC Scottish Daily Mail’s frontpage from yesterday and The Guardian.

Which is it Naz Shah MP? Do we shout out against Trump or shutup for the good of Diversity? Of course nothing at The Guardian or BBC about either tweets.

Naz Shah MP Tweets





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