Covid-19, new information

Covid-19, new information

Last week we came across an incredibly interesting interview of Professor Dolores Cahill, PhD Immunologist & Molecular Biologist, a very accomplished researcher & academic with numerous awards,as well as being a national expert to the European Commission and the Irish government.

Delingpod podcast

The interview (by James Delingpole) is available here or if you’re an iPhone user. A little over an hour and a half Professor Cahill makes a number of very important points:

  • Generic, cheap, safe doses of vitamins & minerals are hugely effective at boosting the immune system against covid
  • Vitamin C, D and Zinc
  • Governments are not recommending this and the media are not covering it!

Rather than just take her word for it, we took our team of academic researchers (not kidding, we have two) and spent the next few days investigating, and learned that she is indeed correct.

We’ve drawn up an information leaflet that includes the research sources, dosage guides and answers some basic questions.

Download here Covid contact information leaflet

Please share this file and information with friends and relatives, there is plenty of info from government bodies on how to avoid the virus, but NOTHING on how to prepare for catching it.