If you want to work with us or contribute, please email us at [email protected]

Remote volunteers wanted!

Want to:

  • hold the media to account?
  • have your opinion heard?
  • Actually make a mark in the world?

STOP arguing with trolls online and write something people will actually read!

Voice of Britannia is a news aggregation service focussed on UK News and Media sources, our goal is to expose their bias in what they DO and DON’T report. We believe that the modern media are incredibly powerful institutions, and use that power to distort and influence the general public. We believe their lack of accountability and huge political power is anti-democratic. And that the only way to make them accountable is to shine a light on their workings to as many of the general public as will listen.

ROLE: Daily meme/comic maker

Use your creative talent to create comics and meme’s to lampoon the most outragous and ridiculous activites of the mainstream media.

The Guardian

The media take themselves VERY seriously, and don’t like being mocked or having their stupidity exposed.

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ROLE: Journalist/writer/correspondent

Today’s news media have become corrupt, lazy, arrogant, and incredibly biased. They believe they alone are the arbiters of truth, objctiveness and what is right.

Whether it’s:

  • a research based piece on how the media are covering one story
  • a particular media organisation is constantly twisting certain topics
  • daily roundup of today’s news coverage, or major news stories that are being ignored
  • first hand interviews and reporting (for those who want to get near the action)

As journalists/writers you will be tasked with exposing their hypocracy, doublethink, and lies, laying it out bare for the world to see.

Email us at [email protected]

ROLE: Social Media and Marketing manager

It’s all well and good having great journalistic pieces and excellent reporting but what use is any of it if we can’t get it in front of people?

Your task will be to spread this news across social media networks far and wide, to get as much attention and eyes of the general public as possible.

Email us at [email protected]